If we raise 2-3 billion earthcoin, it will become a Chinese-developed EAC team to help SK to upgrade the Earth currency technology for a long time.

If we raise 2-3 billion earthcoin, it will become a Chinese-developed EAC team to help Sandokaaan(SK)  to upgrade the Earth currency technology for a long time.

I hope that I can really raise 2-3 billion earthcoin to develop the fund, engage in the development and operation of the earthcoin, and commit to truly become: the global village, the earthcoin! Welcome to the Earthcoin (EAC )to hold a large family of friends to donate, not reluctant, happy! Thank you! Http://earthcoin.earth/global-earthcoin/

Earthcoin address: edHKRA7GVdAnxEFkuzGMKdukaPCSgdwWb6



希望真能筹集到2-3亿个地球币来做EARTH基金发展,从事地球币的开发和运营,致力于真正的成为:地球村,地球币!欢迎地球币EAC持有大户朋友们捐赠,不勉强,开心就好!谢谢! http://earthcoin.earth/global-earthcoin/

The first four years of the Earthcoin only rose to four points. The fifth year of this year, the madness has only just begun. Are you ready?

Bamboo spent 4 years
Only 3 cm long
Beginning in the fifth year
Crazy growth at 30cm a day
It took only six weeks to grow to 15 meters
Actually, in the preceding four years
Bamboo extends its roots in the soil by hundreds of square meters
It’s the same with doing things.
Don’t worry about paying no attention at this moment
Because these are paid for
Life needs reserve!
How many people haven’t seen the three centimeters!
The first four years of the Earthcoin only rose to four points. The fifth year of this year, the madness has only just begun. Are you ready?


A pair of lovers fell into the sea and the sharks appeared.

A pair of lovers fell into the sea and the sharks appeared. Her boyfriend forced her girlfriend away and walked. The girlfriend was very sad. But the shark swam to his boyfriend. When her girlfriend was rescued, the captain who saved her said: “He pushed you off and cut his wrist with a knife. The shark is very sensitive to the smell of blood … When his girlfriend hears the truth like a sunny day, she just wants to jump into the sea immediately.” The captain pulled her and said, “If I were you, I would definitely stay alive, make money to fill the sea and take revenge for your boyfriend!”
The girlfriend asked with tears: Where can I make so much money?
The captain said: EAC EarthCoin understands.

一对情侣落入海中,鲨鱼出现了,男友用力将女友甩开,并游跑,女友很伤心。 但鲨鱼却向男友游去。女友获救了,救她的船长说:是他把你推开后用刀子割破了 自己的手腕,鲨鱼对血腥味很敏感……女友听到真相后如晴天霹雳只想立刻跳进 海里殉情,船长拉住了她说:如果我是你,一定会好好的活下去, 赚钱把这片海填平,为你男友报仇!
女友含泪问道 :到哪能赚这么多钱 ?

地球村The Earth Day 地球日4月22日赠送EarthCoin地球币

EarthCoin Earth Coin (EAC) was born on December 20, 2013.
The EAC is a new generation of Scrypt coins and is a descendant of Litecoin, with a total of 13.5 billion.
Committed to sustainable and equitable development, people’s goods, freedom and forward-looking,
Efforts to become a universal virtual digital product for the Global Village.

The Earth Day
Earth Day (Earth Day) is an annual event dedicated to the protection of the world’s environment on April 22th. It aims to raise public awareness of existing environmental issues and mobilize the public to participate in the environmental movement through green. Low-carbon life improves the overall environment of the planet. Earth Day was launched in 1970 by Gaylord Nelson and Dennis Hayes. Today, Earth Day celebrations have grown to 192 countries around the world. Every year, more than one billion people participate in it, making it the world’s largest private environmental festival.
China began holding Earth Day on April 22 every year since the 1990s.

EAC是新一代Scrypt硬币,是莱特币的后裔 ,其总量为135亿。

世界地球日(Earth Day)即每年的4月22日,是一个专为世界环境保护而设立的节日,旨在提高民众对于现有环境问题的意识,并动员民众参与到环保运动中,通过绿色低碳生活,改善地球的整体环境。地球日由盖洛德·尼尔森和丹尼斯·海斯于1970年发起。现今,地球日的庆祝活动已发展至全球192个国家,每年有超过10亿人参与其中,使其成为世界上最大的民间环保节日。

The Earth Day 地球日每年的4月22日EarthCoin地球币01

The Earth Day 地球日每年的4月22日EarthCoin地球币02

庆祝地球币EAC上CEO交易所, (http://ceo.bi/,   www.bite.ceo/)



在此小超(QQ 530887583)对有地球币钱包的用户发一下糖果(地球币EAC),数量随机,活动4.20直到4.30号!(发地球币地址私聊小超即可领取)

About the CEO’s Exchange Online Sinclair Vote Third EarthCoin EAC Announcement

respected user:

The second round of the CEO Exchange’s voting on the currency mechanism congratulated the ECOC in the 7-day voting contest for the third place. The CEO exchange negotiated with the official account of the Coin-Ocean Co., Ltd. on the Hong Kong time April 20, 2018. 18 : 18 minutes to open the ECo coins to transfer. It opened its trading market at 11:18 on April 22, 2018.

Currency introduction:

Earth Coin (short for EAC) is a global cryptocurrency based on the Litecoin scrypt algorithm released on December 20, 2013 in Toronto, Canada. It is committed to sustainable and equitable development. The total amount of Earth coins is 13.5 billion, taking 365 days as a cycle, starting at 10,000 coins per block, with a sinusoidal curve of 2000 amplitude.

In addition, EarthCoin is a screen-based coin whose community focuses on human, freedom and environmental sustainability. It has high-speed transaction speed, decentralization and design security. The purpose of its source is to become a pure trade based cryptocurrency for better profits.

English name: EarthCoin/EAC Chinese name: Earth Coin

Release Date: 2013-12-20 Release Team: EarthCoin Team

Whether tokens: Yes Total circulation: 11861046754

Total circulation: 11861046754 Official website: http://earthcoin.io/

Risk Warning: There is a price fluctuation risk in digital currency. Please be sure to understand the products you want to invest before investing. Please invest rationally in your own range and be cautiously involved.






英文名:EarthCoin/EAC 中文名:地球币

发行时间:2013-12-20 发行团队:EarthCoin团队

是否代币:是 总发行量:11861046754

流通总量:11861046754 官方网站:http://earthcoin.io/



CEO交易所运营团队 https://ceo.bi/i/blog_c_208.jsp