EarthCoin Global Network Committee Development 2018.06 Monthly Report地球币全球网络委员会2018.06发展月报

EarthCoin Global Network Committee Development 2018.06 Monthly Report

1, In the tense development of the Earth Coin API, developers and friends are welcome to join SK to help upgrade the Coin blockchain technology!

To do list:

Configuration is hardcoded in the javascript for now. Need to be moved to a .json file to easier setup.
Detection of forks/orphans blocks.
Indexing of transactions and API functions for read transactions info.
Block explorer frontend based on the API.
Implement functions for both-way comunication. For now the node not answer to other nodes queries.
Automatic selection of the best node for data download, eg. based on a ping delay.
Optimization of the code for multi-node queries, now the code select one network node to request all block data.
Standardize modular design of the code, add NPM installer.


2. Thanks to AEX.COM Huang Zong, Kong Cheng, Xi Bei, Simplicity, DOOP, General Manager Liu, Brown Brother, JESEN, 123036, Internet Navigation, etc., for their support and sponsorship for mobile wallet developers. Thank you in particular! We wish them good health and make greater fortunes sooner!

3. The clothes worn by the Earth Coin Global Network Commission & Foundation in the summer are being sold globally. Orders are welcome.Annual spring/summer/autumn sale!

4. The EarthCoin Chinese Community ( is getting better and better! Congratulations!

5, The EarthCoin Japan, Canada, India and other communities are in development and need to be optimized and improved!

Welcome Submission Add earthcoin monthly report content!




To do list:from:

JESEN杰森 , 桑柘山,杨柳山,石榴木,123036上网导航 等对手机钱包开发者们的支持和赞助,特别鸣谢!祝福他们身体健康,早日发更大的财富!




欢迎 投稿 地球币月报内容,网络总编辑义工:棕栐哥&石榴木&杨柳山

Friends with blockchain media accounts, Can you help collect the month’s monthly report for preparing an earthcoin every month?

Friends with blockchain media accounts,
Can I help collect the month’s monthly report for preparing an earthcoin every month?
For example, each month’s summary document such as “Geoconomy 201806 Development”,
Content can be obtained from,,,
Websites and Weibo and other places to extract material
Organized and written. Then the global network is released!
Then in the countries of the world that support the bitcoin earthcoin transaction of the country’s network release!
EarthCoin Monthly Report Contribution
Thank you!

内容可以从, ,,
组织编写。 然后在全球的国家支持比特币地球币交易的国家的网络发布!