Welcome everyone to promote the development of the earthcoin $2

Welcome everyone to promote the development of the earthcoin $2

Earth coins, love the earth, love environmental protection, is a completely decentralized currency, does not belong to any one person or organization, the earth coin is the people of the world, a firm belief will be realized, and effective action will be taken as long as there are 500 people (EAC monthly 1 day promotion QQ total group 568104989) and me to develop propaganda and promotion, will soon be able to achieve 2 points, 2 angles, 2 dollars, 2 dollars goal! I promise to promote Earth coins to more than 2 yuan anyway! ! ! Coindolent Volunteer Development Propaganda Team welcomes you to join newearthcoin.com / earthcoin.io / eaczg.com

Global coin currency holders and friends: Call out friends from around you to use Alibaba to register Alibaba Cloud Server to build 500 EAC nodes.
The more nodes synchronize, the faster the transfer will be. It will be more safe for different investors and fans to avoid the 51% attack.

In the future, it will be submitted to the list of mainstream exchanges at home and abroad, such as B-net P-net, etc.

At the same time, it will also submit details such as the reduction of the number of confirmed charge bank blocks to the Coin Exchange Coinage Network, etc.

EAC is committed to sustainable and equitable development and quantifies global resources!

地球幣,愛地球,愛環保,是完全去中心化幣種,不屬於任何一個人或組織,地球幣是世界人民的,堅定信念一定會實現,採取有效的行動,只要有500人(EAC每月1天宣傳QQ總群568104989)和我一起來開發宣傳推廣,很快就可以實現2分,2角,2元,2美元的目標!我承諾無論如何推動地球幣到2元以上! ! !地球幣誌願開發宣傳小組歡迎您的加入newearthcoin.com / earthcoin.io / eaczg.com

全球地球幣持有者朋友們: 號召身邊的朋友用支付寶註冊阿里雲服務器建立 500個EAC節點。
節點越多同步越快轉賬越快 分佈在不同的投資人和粉絲手上更安全 最大限度的避免51%攻擊

將來是提交給B網P網比特兒等國內外主流交易所的名單 談上線條件之一

同時也會提交給幣蛋酷幣什幣雲聚幣N網等已上線地球幣幣交易所 談降低充幣區塊確認數等細節。


EarthCoin is a truly decentralized old currency. Earthcoins belong to the world. We are all masters of the Earth Coins.

The digital currency is still in the early price range. It is only a few cents now, and it will rise to a few cents, a few cents, a few dollars, and an earth coin.

Earth Powder can take effective action on its own initiative (each friend recommends a friend to buy the Earth Coin, earnestly study the book “How to Invest in Digital Currency”, the articles of the Earth Coin Transmitting Friend Circle and various application promotion).

Tun Co., Ltd. can maximize its benefits and pay only for its rewards. Everyone acts together and promotes together. The Earth Coin has been put on the line by the CEO.
Together to increase publicity for foreign platforms, accelerate the goal of $2 in the Earth’s coins! ! ! There are coins in your hand and you don’t panic! ! !

地球幣是真正去中心化的老幣種,地球幣屬於世界的,我們都是地球幣的主人,數字貨幣還處在早期價段,現在才幾厘錢一個,以後會漲到幾分,幾毛一個,幾美元一個地球幣,地球粉可以自發採取有效行動(每人推荐一個朋友買地球幣,認真學習《如何投資數字貨幣》這本書,地球幣的文章轉發朋友圈及各種應用推廣),屯幣才能利益最大化,付出才有回報。大家一起行動,一起推廣,地球幣已上線CEO,一起加大宣傳爭取上國外大平台,加速地球幣上2美元的目標! ! !手裡有幣,心中不慌! ! !

To promote the pure old currency such as the EarthCoin, we only need to persist for less than 2 years and it will surely shine!

The performance of the earth coin and dog coin itself is a precursor to the rise of pure old currency.

As long as we insist, the old currency boom is just around the corner! The concept of “pure old currency”,

It is worthwhile for us to continue to promote all new platforms.

All immortal old coins (including Earth coins, dog coins, quark coins, world currencies, and unlimited coins) before 2013 all become scarce resources!

To promote pure old currency, we only need to persist for less than 2 years.

It will inevitably shine – the burst of scams will generally take three years.
When the ICO concentrates on running back to zero next year, it is the pure old currency deducting the bitcoin quotation moment… But during this period, it will explode at any time. We can only wait here and look down on the world.

(Reprinted from “How to invest in digital currency” author Wang Bo words)









donate Earthcoins on the every month 22nd , welcome to leave your EarthCoin address

Give(donate) Earthcoins on the every month 22nd day,
welcome to leave your EarthCoin address,
Earthcoin Wallet version must be 1.5.x
Wallet download:



Bigyan ang mga barya sa Earth sa ika-22 ng bawat buwan, malugod na umalis sa address ng Earth Coin

Australian earthcoin OTC currency trading point

Australian OTC earthcoin currency trading point
Australian OTC currency trading point


email: techops@earthcoin.io

Telegram: https://t.me/earthcoin_io

Website: https://www.earthcoin.io/

Australian/The global area sells/acquires the earthcoin earthcoin. Kazakhstan has a large quantity of excellent! Only 1-3% of the hard fees are charged. Wallets are complimentary. It is limited to friends who do not use online exchanges . Contact the nearest shop! 1 million of the following 3%, 1-10 million 2.5%, 10-100 million 2%, more than 100 million 1% fee. Clearly priced, childbirthless. The price of the Earth Coin itself fluctuates due to market fluctuations. You can refer to third-party data.

Japan OTC earthcoin currency trading point

welcome to post your contact information

Australian/The global area sells/acquires the earthcoin earthcoin. Kazakhstan has a large quantity of excellent! Only 1-3% of the hard fees are charged. Wallets are complimentary. It is limited to friends who do not use online exchanges . Contact the nearest shop! 1 million of the following 3%, 1-10 million 2.5%, 10-100 million 2%, more than 100 million 1% fee. Clearly priced, childbirthless. The price of the Earth Coin itself fluctuates due to market fluctuations. You can refer to third-party data.

April 23 is the birthday of the People’s Navy!

April 23 is the birthday of the People’s Navy! 69 years of trials and hardships, from weak to strong in 69, escort in Gulf of Aden, Yemen evacuated overseas, the South China Sea parade, the People’s Navy is standing in the world with a new attitude in the East! Shanghai Navy Declaration
Earth Coin EAC Global Volunteer (Veiled Workers) Development Network Committee http://earthcoin.earth/ sent a congratulatory message

地球幣EAC全球志願者(义工)發展網絡委員會http://earthcoin.earth/ 发来贺电,祝福海军朋友们生日快乐,平安健康!

EarthCoin Global Volunteer Development Network Committee earthcoin.earth

EarthCoin Global Volunteer Development Network Committee | 地球幣EAC全球志願者(义工)發展網絡委員會 earthcoin.earth

The EarthCoin EAC must be analyzed from the perspective of the whole earth.
Vigorously develop markets in Australia, Brazil, Japan, the United States, India, Singapore, Canada, Malaysia, the European Union and other countries to encourage the use of Bitcoin/Earthcoin.

Let the ECoat EAC become a universal virtual commodity of the global village, so that people on Earth will use Earthcoin

Welcome to the forum below Countries around the world send postings to promote ECoins EAC

Welcome everyone to speak positively. It is best to translate into the corresponding country’s language in Chinese.


……………………IN every country  website for bitcoin ,earthcoin…Assist each country to develop their own local currency Comunity,to promote the earthcoin………….

Earthcoin EAC Global Volunteer (Volunteer) Development Network Committee earthcoin.earth Welcome friends who are proficient in various foreign languages!




欢迎去下面的论坛 世界上各国去发帖子宣传地球币EAC



地球幣EAC全球志願者(义工)發展網絡委員會 earthcoin.earth 欢迎精通各种外语的朋友加入!



地球村The Earth Day 地球日4月22日赠送EarthCoin地球币

EarthCoin Earth Coin (EAC) was born on December 20, 2013.
The EAC is a new generation of Scrypt coins and is a descendant of Litecoin, with a total of 13.5 billion.
Committed to sustainable and equitable development, people’s goods, freedom and forward-looking,
Efforts to become a universal virtual digital product for the Global Village.

The Earth Day
Earth Day (Earth Day) is an annual event dedicated to the protection of the world’s environment on April 22th. It aims to raise public awareness of existing environmental issues and mobilize the public to participate in the environmental movement through green. Low-carbon life improves the overall environment of the planet. Earth Day was launched in 1970 by Gaylord Nelson and Dennis Hayes. Today, Earth Day celebrations have grown to 192 countries around the world. Every year, more than one billion people participate in it, making it the world’s largest private environmental festival.
China began holding Earth Day on April 22 every year since the 1990s.

EAC是新一代Scrypt硬币,是莱特币的后裔 ,其总量为135亿。

世界地球日(Earth Day)即每年的4月22日,是一个专为世界环境保护而设立的节日,旨在提高民众对于现有环境问题的意识,并动员民众参与到环保运动中,通过绿色低碳生活,改善地球的整体环境。地球日由盖洛德·尼尔森和丹尼斯·海斯于1970年发起。现今,地球日的庆祝活动已发展至全球192个国家,每年有超过10亿人参与其中,使其成为世界上最大的民间环保节日。

The Earth Day 地球日每年的4月22日EarthCoin地球币01

The Earth Day 地球日每年的4月22日EarthCoin地球币02

庆祝地球币EAC上CEO交易所, (http://ceo.bi/,   www.bite.ceo/)



在此小超(QQ 530887583)对有地球币钱包的用户发一下糖果(地球币EAC),数量随机,活动4.20直到4.30号!(发地球币地址私聊小超即可领取)

About the CEO’s Exchange Online Sinclair Vote Third EarthCoin EAC Announcement

respected user:

The second round of the CEO Exchange’s voting on the currency mechanism congratulated the ECOC in the 7-day voting contest for the third place. The CEO exchange negotiated with the official account of the Coin-Ocean Co., Ltd. on the Hong Kong time April 20, 2018. 18 : 18 minutes to open the ECo coins to transfer. It opened its trading market at 11:18 on April 22, 2018.

Currency introduction:

Earth Coin (short for EAC) is a global cryptocurrency based on the Litecoin scrypt algorithm released on December 20, 2013 in Toronto, Canada. It is committed to sustainable and equitable development. The total amount of Earth coins is 13.5 billion, taking 365 days as a cycle, starting at 10,000 coins per block, with a sinusoidal curve of 2000 amplitude.

In addition, EarthCoin is a screen-based coin whose community focuses on human, freedom and environmental sustainability. It has high-speed transaction speed, decentralization and design security. The purpose of its source is to become a pure trade based cryptocurrency for better profits.

English name: EarthCoin/EAC Chinese name: Earth Coin

Release Date: 2013-12-20 Release Team: EarthCoin Team

Whether tokens: Yes Total circulation: 11861046754

Total circulation: 11861046754 Official website: http://earthcoin.io/

Risk Warning: There is a price fluctuation risk in digital currency. Please be sure to understand the products you want to invest before investing. Please invest rationally in your own range and be cautiously involved.






英文名:EarthCoin/EAC 中文名:地球币

发行时间:2013-12-20 发行团队:EarthCoin团队

是否代币:是 总发行量:11861046754

流通总量:11861046754 官方网站:http://earthcoin.io/



CEO交易所运营团队 https://ceo.bi/i/blog_c_208.jsp



EAC金星Q群   236864755
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不知道自己五行八字缺不缺,缺啥子的可以在这里查询啊,http://life.123036.com/5/ 仅供参考哈。不要过分迷信!心态要好!


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