Facebook shakes up its execs and adds new blockchain group

Facebook shakes up its execs and adds new blockchain group
Facebook will now operate under three divisions.
The reorganization will reportedly include a new blockchain effort and aims to address privacy concerns.

Facebook “instituted its biggest executive shakeup in its 15-year history this week,” Recode reported on Tuesday, a reorganization that will include a new blockchain effort and aims to address privacy concerns.

Facebook confirmed the details of the reorganization.

The experimental blockchain group will be led by David Marcus, the executive most recently in charge of Facebook’s Messenger group. Marcus sits on the board of directors of Coinbase, an exchange for cryptocurrency (which uses the blockchain as its underlying technology), and joined Facebook from PayPal in 2014.

Marcus confirmed his new role in a tweet:

David Marcus

Time for a new challenge! After four amazing years leading Messenger, I’m going to setup a small group to explore how to best leverage Blockchain for Facebook. I will miss my fierce Messenger team, but I’m excited about the journey ahead. My full note: https://www.facebook.com/davidm/posts/10160585531500195 …

David Marcus

The one and only @stan_chudnovsky will take over @Messenger. I’m confident the team will continue to execute and won’t skip a beat under his leadership!

3:54 AM – May 9, 2018
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Facebook will now operate under three divisions: a “family of apps” group (including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger), a new platforms division (including a blockchain technology team, augmented and virtual reality, enterprise technology and artificial intelligence) and a “central product services” team, which covers shared resources like ads, data analytics and security.

The report comes as Facebook has faced fallout over data privacy and “fake news,” amid revelations of data sales to outside firms like Cambridge Analytica, and evidence of Russian election interference. Meanhwhile, Facebook has tried to keep its ad revenue growing through newer, younger platforms like WhatsApp and Instagram.

WhatsApp co-founder Jan Koum announced last month he was leaving the company. As part of this week’s reorganization, most Facebook apps are getting new leaders, save Instagram, which will continue to be run by Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom.

“You do not want to give Jeff Bezos a seven-year head start.”
Hear what else Buffett has to say

Facebook separately announced on Tuesday that it added Jeff Zients, the CEO of Cranemere, to the board. Zients will join the audit committee, Facebook said, as will another recently added board member, Kenneth Chenault. Venture capitalist Marc Andreessen will also be on the committee but will no longer be on the compensation and governance committee.

—CNBC’s Michelle Castillo contributed to this report.

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据cnbc消息,据多名知情人士透露,Facebook将构建专注于区块链的团队,旨在解决隐私保护问题。Facebook高管戴维•马库斯(David Marcus)将接手这个致力于探索区块链技术的团队,该团队虽然不到12人,但将包括Instagram的工程副总裁James Everingham,以及Instagram的产品副总裁Kevin Weil。

A pair of lovers fell into the sea and the sharks appeared.

A pair of lovers fell into the sea and the sharks appeared. Her boyfriend forced her girlfriend away and walked. The girlfriend was very sad. But the shark swam to his boyfriend. When her girlfriend was rescued, the captain who saved her said: “He pushed you off and cut his wrist with a knife. The shark is very sensitive to the smell of blood … When his girlfriend hears the truth like a sunny day, she just wants to jump into the sea immediately.” The captain pulled her and said, “If I were you, I would definitely stay alive, make money to fill the sea and take revenge for your boyfriend!”
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女友含泪问道 :到哪能赚这么多钱 ?

Russia’s second-largest mobile phone operator plans to develop a blockchain-based solution

[Russia’s second-largest mobile phone operator plans to develop a blockchain-based solution] According to Reuters, Megafon, the second-largest mobile phone operator in Russia, said that it will establish a joint venture with Gazprombank and state-owned company Rosetec to develop digital projects. Megafon said it plans to work with its partners to advance a series of digital projects, including creating software products to digitize the operations of major companies and companies, and developing blockchain-based solutions.
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The Indian Central Bank set up a special panel to explore its own digital currency

The Indian Central Bank set up a special panel to explore its own digital currency
According to the livemint report, the Reserve Bank of India has taken measures to curb the trade between cryptocurrencies and the rupee, and set up a dedicated group to explore the possession of its own digital currency.

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印度央行成立专门小组 探讨研究自己的数字货币
据livemint报道,印度央行(Reserve Bank of India)已采取措施遏制加密货币与卢比之间的交易,并成立了一个专门小组,以探索拥有自己的数字货币。


The United States raised interest rates again. Multinational currencies collapsed overnight. Experts: This is a financial plunder!

Recently, many economists and financial institutions have come up with a very terrible corollary – the Fed is likely to raise interest rates four times this year. Affected by this, the Hong Kong dollar tumbled to a 33-year low last month. Seeing that we must break through the psychological threshold of “7.85”, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority was forced to once again set off the Hong Kong dollar’s ​​defense and used more than 20 billion Hong Kong dollar foreign exchange reserves to stabilize the situation. . Today, Hong Kong, China, has just relived its turmoil, and a large number of countries are also caught in the same dangerous situation!

The Argentine currency collapsed, emergency use of 10 billion foreign reserves, crazy increase interest rate to 40%!

According to reports, on May 3, local time, the Argentine peso fell by 7.8% against the US dollar for a time, which was the largest since the country achieved a free floating exchange rate; Argentina’s century bond price also hit a record low, and the yield rose to 8.199%. In general, exchange rate fluctuations of more than 1% in the general country are no small fluctuations. However, since the beginning of this year, the cumulative decline of the Argentine peso against the US dollar has already reached more than 15%, and it is subject to very great pressure for devaluation.

To curb the rapid decline of the peso, the Bank of Argentina first announced a rate hike of 300 basis points, raising the benchmark interest rate from the previous 27.25% to 30.25%, and firing the first shot of the “peso defending battle”. But this time the effect of the bailout was not good, and the plunging trend of the peso still did not stop. The central bank raised the interest rate by 300 basis points again on May 3. However, the plunge of the peso still continued, and Argentina was forced to make heavy fists again. On May 4th, the rate hike was 675 basis points. At this time, the interest rate has reached 40% (which means that the bank deposits 100 yuan each year. Up to 40 yuan in interest).

The rate of interest rate increases this time, it takes almost 20 years for normal countries to complete, and Argentina has also paid a very heavy price – it consumes a lot of valuable foreign exchange reserves. It is reported that the Argentine Central Bank has used 6.777 billion U.S. dollars of foreign exchange reserves in March and April of this year. If we count the 4.8 billion U.S. dollars that were spent on these occasions, Argentina has already consumed more than 10 billion U.S. dollars to support the peso exchange rate. With 20% of its total foreign exchange reserves (Argentina currently owns only $56.7 billion in foreign exchange reserves), economists expect it to be just the beginning!

The Fed lifted a butcher knife. Turkey, Poland, etc. also became lambs to be slaughtered.

In fact, Argentina’s experience of being forced to raise interest rates three times in eight days is not an example. Many emerging market countries’ currencies have been criticized. In Turkey, the continuous collapse of the Lira against the US dollar has hit a historical low; even in Poland, where the economy is doing well, the country’s currency zloty is still being sold. According to JPMorgan Chase, emerging market currencies such as the Russian Ruble, Brazilian Real, Turkish Lira, and South African Rand have fallen as much as 5% since April.

Although there are also many problems within these countries, the “culprit” that caused this situation is exactly the United States. Since December 2015, the Fed has raised interest rates six times. If the rate is actually increased four times this year (the rate has been raised once in March this year), the dollar will continue to strengthen and the yield on US Treasury will be pushed up. In this context, more and more investors have started to sell currencies, stocks and bonds in emerging markets, which has brought tremendous pressure on these economies and even evolved into a “financial slaughter!”

Historically, the Fed’s interest rate hikes have had little effect on countries with stable economies and rich foreign reserves. Countries with weak economic structures and insufficient foreign exchange savings often fall into economic collapse. This time, Argentina and other countries have become under the butcher’s knife. The lamb is left to die. The British “Financial Times” said that if the US dollar continues to strengthen in the future, it may trigger longer-term and larger-scale selling of assets in emerging markets, and countries such as Argentina and Turkey will face more pain.
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Philippine Blockchain Community Asks Government to Help Enhance Blockchain Industry Competitiveness

Philippine Blockchain Community Asks Government to Help Enhance Blockchain Industry Competitiveness

According to cryptovest, the PADCDI hopes to work more closely with the government to improve the skills of local workers and keep them at the same level as world-class software developers so that the country can achieve its goal. Become an ambition blockchain center for important countries in the world. Mary Rose Magsaysay, chairman of PADCDI, said she has contacted TESDA to open a blockchain development training course at one of the many accredited schools in the country. TESDA is the government agency responsible for providing alternative training for Filipinos who need high-quality employment skills.

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据cryptovest报道,菲律宾数字商业与分散行业协会(PADCDI)希望与政府进行更密切的合作,以提高本地工人的技能,并使其与世界级软件开发商保持同等水平,从而使该国能够实现其成为全球重要国家的雄心壮志区块链中心。PADCDI主席Mary Rose Magsaysay表示,她已经联系技术教育和技能发展局(TESDA),在全国许多认证学校之一开设区块链开发培训课程。TESDA是负责为需要高质量就业技能的菲律宾人提供替代培训的政府机构。

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①祁同偉有個弟弟叫祁同剛,一直在香港發展,哥哥自殺資產被沒收,賬戶被凍結。祁同剛堅定的認為是侯亮平逼死了自己的哥哥,祁同剛知道自己親哥被逼死後,開始考慮借助香港平事佬的勢力來報復侯亮平,吳老師,粱璐等人。 ②復仇過程中,結識了趙瑞龍二姐,並用趙家的人脈報復整個漢東省,造成京州市GDP下降,達康書記大為惱火。粱璐為了自保,出賣了高育良女兒在美國的聯繫方式,祁同剛用高育良女兒威脅吳老師,讓吳老師坦白所有的漢大幫成員。 ③通過上層的漢大幫成員給侯亮平製造麻煩。因為GDP的下降,造成整個漢東省經濟大受打擊,沙同志位置開始飄搖不定,秘書幫看準時機準備奪回漢東控制權。 ④於是安排祁同剛去京州市,進入漢東省,準備為他的哥哥報仇。 ⑤在祁同剛去漢東省路上,碰巧在廣州,偶遇到做區塊鏈的我,在本人的耐心勸說加分析其中利弊,祁同剛內心動搖了,對區塊鏈行業產生了濃厚的興趣,並買入了地球幣EAC