EarthCoin Global Network Committee Development 2018.06 Monthly Report地球币全球网络委员会2018.06发展月报

EarthCoin Global Network Committee Development 2018.06 Monthly Report

1, In the tense development of the Earth Coin API, developers and friends are welcome to join SK to help upgrade the Coin blockchain technology!

To do list:

Configuration is hardcoded in the javascript for now. Need to be moved to a .json file to easier setup.
Detection of forks/orphans blocks.
Indexing of transactions and API functions for read transactions info.
Block explorer frontend based on the API.
Implement functions for both-way comunication. For now the node not answer to other nodes queries.
Automatic selection of the best node for data download, eg. based on a ping delay.
Optimization of the code for multi-node queries, now the code select one network node to request all block data.
Standardize modular design of the code, add NPM installer.


2. Thanks to AEX.COM Huang Zong, Kong Cheng, Xi Bei, Simplicity, DOOP, General Manager Liu, Brown Brother, JESEN, 123036, Internet Navigation, etc., for their support and sponsorship for mobile wallet developers. Thank you in particular! We wish them good health and make greater fortunes sooner!

3. The clothes worn by the Earth Coin Global Network Commission & Foundation in the summer are being sold globally. Orders are welcome.Annual spring/summer/autumn sale!

4. The EarthCoin Chinese Community ( is getting better and better! Congratulations!

5, The EarthCoin Japan, Canada, India and other communities are in development and need to be optimized and improved!

Welcome Submission Add earthcoin monthly report content!




To do list:from:

JESEN杰森 , 桑柘山,杨柳山,石榴木,123036上网导航 等对手机钱包开发者们的支持和赞助,特别鸣谢!祝福他们身体健康,早日发更大的财富!




欢迎 投稿 地球币月报内容,网络总编辑义工:棕栐哥&石榴木&杨柳山


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目前有适合155,160,165,170,175,180CM 身高的人穿的!


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Composition “My dad is selling earthcoin”作文《我的爸爸是卖地球币的》

Composition “My dad is selling earthcoin”

        My dad is selling coins from the earth. I often go home before going to bed and no holidays. Can’t play with me. Listening to Daddy said that the business is very difficult to do this year, and I am very worried about my father’s day being burdened.


        If my dad is tired, he can’t buy me fish to buy meat. Can not eat fish to eat my memory will fall. If I can’t go in class, my grades won’t go up. If my grades don’t go up, I’ll be embarrassed. I will lose my confidence. If you lose faith, you will not read books, you will not graduate if you read bad books, you will not find good jobs if you fail to graduate, you will lose money if you cannot find a good job, you will lose money if you cannot make money, and you will not pay taxes. The state will have difficulty in giving wages to teachers. If teachers do not receive salaries, they will not be in a mood to teach. If they are not in a mood to teach, they will affect the future of our motherland and affect the future of the motherland. It will be difficult for China to take off and the Chinese nation will degenerate into barbaric. Nationality. The Chinese nation has become a barbarian nation. The United States will doubt that our country has weapons of mass destruction. The United States will start war in China and the Third World War will erupt. One of the parties to the Third World War will certainly lack strength and strength. Insufficient to use nuclear weapons, the use of nuclear weapons will destroy the natural environment, the natural environment will be destroyed, the atmosphere will break a big hole, the atmosphere will break a big hole, the earth’s temperature will rise, the polar icebergs will melt, icebergs will melt, and the earth’s water level will rise. As the earth’s water level rises, all humans will be drowned.

          Therefore, this is absolutely related to the safety of life and property of all human beings, so I would like to call here to see this article’s uncles and aunts. Please ask your usual free time to find my father to buy coins from the earth and make the business a little better and earn more money. . This year we must not allow the tragedy of the destruction of the Earth!

[Teacher Comments: Your logical thinking is powerful and amazing! Tell your father right away; the teacher will start tomorrow and all parents of the students need to buy coins from the earth and go to your dad. Never let the earth be destroyed]





【老师评语:你的逻辑思维强大到叹为观止!请马上告诉你爸爸;老师明天就发动所有的学生家长有需要买地球币的,就去找你爸爸。决不能让地球毁灭】(来源网络,感谢感恩 删不掉的记忆~ 等网友们的创作!)

Father’s day ,Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day Happy Birthday

father's day
father’s day

Dad is the most serious person in the world, and the most lonely person. Heavily fatherly, do you feel it? If you love dad, if you miss dad, if you are longing for fatherly love, go on watching it.

1. In this world, the most difficult person to understand is the father. He educates you to be diligent and saves money while secretly giving you pocket money.

2. He blamed you for doing something wrong, but he couldn’t bear to be blamed for it.

3. He never compliments you on how great you are, but he is already proud of internal injuries!

4. He refused to love you puppy love, but he hoped that in the future you have a happy home.

5. In this world, the one who loves you the deepest but does not express is father.

6. Who is willing to give you a horse? Who would rather stop the knife and fork? Who is willing to travel for you?

7. In this world, the person who has the most pressure, the most brutal competition on the outside, and the most burden on the shoulders is his father.

8. The world’s most lonely person is his father.

9. Among the people around you, it’s father who experienced the most wind and rain, and dad who got the least praise.

10. Daddy, in the days that followed, I imagined you took my little hand and took your big hand to accompany you all the way, stop and go.

Accompanying is the best thanksgiving!
Filial piety, life is not finished!
Wish parents in the world
Healthy body
Shoubi Nanshan

Blessing Mom and Dad

Today is Father’s Day. I wish all the parents in the world good health! All the best!

Please don’t forget Dad, the world’s most lonely person is Dad! (Let tears ran) Source: Network












孝顺,一辈子都还不完 !

祝福爸爸妈妈 每天出入平安



Welcome to integrate the digital wallet integrated EarthCoins

Welcome to integrate the digital wallet integrated EarthCoins,
the wallet of the integrated EarthCoin website can be collected in this site blockchain
Thank you.

欢迎集成数字钱包集成地球币,集成地球币了的钱包网站可以收集在这个网站区块链大全里面 谢谢。

您们好,我朋友的网站 【123036上网导航】区块链专题
@比特派钱包 ,@MyToken-io ,@imToken ,@币信Bixin
祝福各位朋友贵公司越办越好,感谢感恩! ​​​​

The red exhibition carpet near the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center is wholesale and sold

The red exhibition carpet near the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center is wholesale and sold.
Wholesale carpet (+86) 021-51078836,
Wechat/ Alipay payment 13916815578, payment and delivery, can receive RMB and earthcoin, not accept US dollars!
(Earth coin earthcoin is calculated according to the market price, the price is referenced to funcoin, aex, ceo site’s eac price reference)
58 freight delivery charge 60 yuan.
Welcome to contact us.
It is recommended to book 1-2 days in advance! Good arrangement!


Accept friends from all over the world to book exhibition carpets/wallpapers(Wallcoverings)/curtains and other products in advance!

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微信/支付宝付款13916815578, 款到发货,可以接收人民币和地球币earthcoin,不接受美元!




Welcome to sponsor the server node of EarthCoin Africa

Welcome to sponsor the server node of EarthCoin Africa

Earthcoins, global village, earth people, EarthCoin Global (International) Volunteer Volunteer At present, the EarthCoin node is established voluntarily, and there are no rewards. Volunteers and friends have established it!
The origin of all things is the earth, and the cornerstone of the earthcoin is the node! Special thanks to the volunteer friends who have provided the coin of the Earth coin:Https://!network Welcome message thread Posting node IP

Five continents earthcoin peer node registration五大洲地球币节点收录登记

“The blockchain is a shared distributed database technology. Its advantages are mainly manifested in the three aspects of distributed decentralization, trustless systems, and non-destructive and cryptographic security.”

First, the meaning of blockchain technology
The BlockChain technology is a technology that uses a decentralized consensus mechanism to maintain a complete, distributed, non-maligable database of accounts. It allows participants in the blockchain to establish trust without having to establish a trust relationship. Under the premise of achieving a unified ledger system. Blocks are public accounts, multi-point maintenance; chains are time stamped (Timestamps) and cannot be forged. The blockchain is essentially a technology that focuses on security and credibility over efficiency.
At present, all systems have a database behind them, which is a large book. Then it becomes very important for anyone to remember this book. Whose system is now responsible for accounting, the bank’s account is the bank in mind, Alipay’s account is Ali in mind. But now in the blockchain system, everyone in the system has the opportunity to participate in billing. If there is a change in new transaction data within a certain period of time, everyone in the system can make an accounting. The system will evaluate the fastest and best person during this period, write the contents of the record to the account, and The contents of the booklet will be sent to all other people in the system for backup during this period of time. Everyone in this system has a complete book.
Therefore, these data will become very safe. The tamperer needs to modify more than half of the system node data at the same time to truly tamper with the data. The cost of this tampering is so high that it is almost impossible. For example, Bitcoin has been operating for more than seven years, and numerous hackers around the world have attempted to attack Bitcoin. However, there have been no transaction errors so far, and the Bitcoin blockchain can be considered to be a safe and reliable system. Therefore, it can be argued that blockchain technology is a way for all citizens to participate in accounting, and it will bring about innovations in accounting methods.

Second, the technical advantages of blockchain

1, distributed decentralization
Since every node and miner in the blockchain must follow the same bookkeeping transaction rules, and this rule is based on cryptographic algorithms rather than credit, and each transaction requires the approval of other users in the network, the decentralized trading system is not A set of third-party intermediary structures or trust institutions are required to endorse.
At present, regardless of whether the traditional trading system or the third-party trading system is based on the system of central books, the central book plays the role of an information custodian. Each transaction requires the third party intermediary or trust institution to endorse it. It is a centralized trading network.

2, no need to trust the system
In the blockchain network, through the self-restraint of the algorithm, the behavior of any malicious spoofing system will be rejected and suppressed by other nodes. Therefore, the blockchain system does not rely on central authority support and credit endorsement.
In the traditional credit endorsement network system, participants need to have sufficient trust in the central organization. As the number of participants in the network increases, the security of the system decreases. Contrary to the traditional situation, in a blockchain network, participants do not need to trust anyone, but as the number of participating nodes increases, the security of the system increases, and the data content can be fully disclosed.

3, can not be tampered with encryption security
The blockchain adopts a one-way hash algorithm, and each newly generated block advances strictly in time-linear order. The irreversibility of time causes any behavior that attempts to invade and alter the data information in the blockchain to be easily traced, resulting in being easily traced. The exclusion of other nodes can thus limit related illegal activities.

EarthCoin is an old currency in 2013 and it fully meets the above advantages!






Welcome global exchange free online EarthCoin!

Welcome global exchange free online EarthCoin!

Exchange free on the line Earthcoin,

Can be displayed on this site

[Global Digital Currency Trading Platform Collection]







地球币EAC全球节点 方便的亲请建立起来,善始者实繁 克终者盖寡

善始者实繁 克终者盖寡 ,

地球币EAC全球节点服务器 方便的亲请建立起来。谢谢!



According to local Dutch media reports, the Dutch Land(Holland) Registry is considering integrating blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies into the real estate industry. It is expected that a blockchain operation platform will be developed within the next one to three years. It is advisable to consider collaborating with the Euro Currency. Adding a side chain to the main chain of the Earth Coin can realize this function! Earthcoin price when this article was forwarded: ¥0.00566