Earthcoin 2018.05 Monthly Report 地球币2018.05月报

Hello, friend.

Earth Monthly 2018.05 Monthly Report 地球币2018.05月报

1,I upgraded the design of my Earth Coin website
Pres F5 key to refresh the page if you still see the old version.

Added links to paperwalet, webwallet, android and whitepaper.

2,In the exchange section is a new exchange for voting
They require only 0.2 BTC for listing. I have already payd 10 % of the requested amount, and can pay also the rest, as soos as I receive funds from other exchanges.
It is de-facto renamed from, I traded with them over year, they are trustable I think.

3,EarthCoin web wallet by Sandokaaan © 2018. Alpha release. Use on your own risk.
You can use this web application to check you EarthCoin (EAC) paper/brain wallet balance or spent some of your coins stored in it. Paste your EAC address for read-only access or your private key (WIF format) if you want to spent some of your EAC coins. The private key is used only by javascript code in your web browser, it does not leave your device.

4,Paper wallet come soon…

5,Android wallet come soon…

from Sandokaaan
Sandokaaan’s EarthCoin Address: epeuqUqy8yCyTdgzcdJDgX7cLcZm8mQkUt

Welcome everyone to support him, sponsor him,
and let him give the Earth coins more exchanges on the line.
Thank you.


How to backup and restore Earthcoin wallet files

How to backup and restore Earth wallet files

How to back up, restore and encrypt Earth Coin Wallet? When you start using your own Earth Coin wallet, it is your responsibility to take good steps to protect your property. Earth coins are stored in your wallet. For your security, you need to back up your wallet frequently. Xiao Bian compiled a detailed tutorial on the backup, restoration and encryption of the Earth Coin wallet for your reference!

Earth Coin Wallet Backup Tutorial

The first thing you need to do is to back up your wallet. It is recommended that you do it immediately after the Earth Coin wallet client is downloaded and installed. In this way, in the event of your computer malfunctioning and data loss, you can restore your wallet at any time and use the Earth coins.

The Earth Money Wallet backup steps are as follows:

1. Close the Earthcoin Earth Coin official client. In the main interface, select Menu File → Backup Wallet.

Backup wallet.dat file
Backup wallet.dat file

2. You only need to copy the wallet.dat file to another hard disk partition, mobile hard disk, or U disk to complete the backup.

Back up Earth Coin Wallet Notes:

Back up your entire wallet

In order to protect privacy, the Earth Coin wallet contains many private keys for receiving change for transactions. If you only back up the private key of the visible Earth Coin address, a large portion of the funds may not be restored from the backup.

Encrypted online backup

Any online backup is vulnerable to theft. Even a computer connected to the Internet is vulnerable to malicious software. Therefore, it is a good security practice to encrypt any backup that is exposed on the network.

Use multiple safe depositories

A single point of failure is not conducive to safety. If your backup isn’t limited to just one place, there’s less chance that something bad will cause your wallet to fail to restore. You can also consider using different storage media, such as U disk, paper and CD.

Regular backup

Wallets need to be backed up regularly to ensure that all recent Earth Coin change addresses and newly created Earth Coin addresses are included in the backup. However, soon all applications will use a wallet that only needs to be backed up once.

Earth Coin Wallet Encryption Tutorial

If you use Earth Coin on a public computer, or if you think your computer may not be safe enough, you can choose to encrypt your wallet after each use. In addition, your backup wallet file also needs to be encrypted in this way.

Encrypted wallets require WinRAR, a compression tool that is installed on most computers.

First of all, you need to close the coin client and find the wallet.dat file as described in the “Backup Wallet” section above. Then right click on this file and select “Add to Compressed File…”. The following dialog will appear:

Add to compressed file

Set a file name and check “Delete source files after compression”. Then click on the “Advanced” tab:

set password

Click “Set Password…”, enter the same password twice in the pop-up dialog box, click “OK” button, and then click “OK” button again to complete the encryption. You will see that the original wallet.dat file in the wallet folder is missing and a .rar file is added. The encryption was successful.

You can encrypt your Earth Coin wallet backup in the same way.

Encrypted Earth Coin Wallet Notes:

Never forget your password

You want to make sure you never forget the password, or you will lose your money forever. Unlike bank accounts, Earth Coin does not have a password recovery option. In fact, you should be able to remember it even if it is not used for many years. If you have doubts about this, you may need to put a paper copy with your password in a safe place like a safe.

Use strong passwords

Any password that contains only letters or recognizable words will be considered weak and easily cracked. Strong passwords must contain letters, numbers, punctuation, and must be at least 16 characters long. However, this should not prevent you from remembering your password.

Earth Coin Purse Recovery Tutorial

The recovery steps for the Earth Coin wallet are simple. Open the WinXP Start menu, select “Run” and type the following: explorer%APPDATA%earthcoin

(Windows Vista or Windows 7, directly in the “Search programs and files” box on the Start menu)

For example, my computer’s path:C:Documentsand \Settings \Administrator\AppData\Roaming\earthcoin (some folders are hidden, need to be in the tool – folder options – view – show all the folders that tick, and then apply OK)

Open the Earthcoin Earth Coin official client wallet folder. After that, copy your backed up wallet.dat file to this folder and overwrite the original file.

If your backup has WinRAR encryption, you need to enter the correct password first to restore wallet.dat.

The above is a backup, restore, and encryption tutorial for the Earth Coin Wallet. At the same time, Xiao Bian also sorted out the protection methods of the Earth Coin Wallet and shared it with everyone to ensure the safety of the Earth Coin Wallet:

Other ways to protect the safety of the Earth’s currency wallet

One, offline wallet storage

Offline wallets, also known as cold storage, provide the highest level of security storage. It involves storing wallets in a secure environment without a network connection. If handled properly, it can provide a very good protection against computer security holes. It is also a good idea to back up and encrypt offline wallets. Here is an overview of some of the methods.

Offline transaction signature

In this way, two computers need to share part of the same wallet. The first computer must be completely isolated from the Internet. It is the only computer that holds the entire wallet and can sign transactions. The second computer is connected to the network and there is only one visible wallet that can create unsigned transactions. In this way, you can refer to the following steps to securely launch a new transaction.

1. Create a new transaction on a networked computer and save it to a USB flash drive.

2. Sign the transaction with an unconnected computer.

3. Use a networked computer to send signed transactions.

Because this networked computer cannot sign transactions, even if it is compromised, it will not result in funds being stolen. Armory can be used to handle offline transaction signatures.

Hardware Wallet

Hardware wallets are the best balance between high security and ease of use. They are designed from the ground up as a very small device that can only be used as a wallet and nothing else. No software can be installed to protect computer security breaches and online thieves, making them more secure. Because you can back up, if your device is lost, your funds can still be retrieved.

Until today, there is no hardware wallet officially put into production, but soon there will be: Trezor; ButterflyLabs BitSafe

Second, upgrade the software to the latest version

The latest version of the earthcoin client already allows you to get important stability and security fixes. These updates prevent serious problems and include useful new features. They also help keep your wallet safe. In order to make the purse environment more secure, it is also important to install updates on your computer or all other software on your phone.

Third, multiple signatures to prevent theft of funds

Earthcoin has a multi-signature feature that uses this feature to create a transaction that requires the signature of multiple private keys. Although it is only useful for technical users, it is expected that this feature will be highly available in the future. The use of multiple signatures allows an organization to withdraw funds when it shares financial information with its members and guarantees that only three out of five members are signed. Future online wallet services can also use this feature to share an address that requires multiple signatures with the user. This way, if the thief wants to steal your funds, you need to compromise your computer and online wallet server.

Think of your will

If you don’t have a backup plan for your family and friends, your Earth coins may be lost forever. When you are gone, if no one knows where your wallet is or if you know your password, funds will never be found. Spending a little time on this issue is quite different.

Instructions for *.conf file:
The file earthcoin.conf is not required, unless you need RPC functions. It should be located in c:\Users\[YOUR_WINDOWS_USER_NAME]\AppData\Roaming\EarthCoin\ on a Windows machine or ~/.earthcoin/ on Linux. If you need the earthcoin.conf file, please make sure to include the line port=35677. Wallet should detect nodes automatically from hard-coded seeds, but you can add some nodes manually:
For more nodes see the block explorer.



































  比如我的电脑的路径:C:Documentsand \Settings \Administrator\AppData\Roaming\earthcoin(有的文件夹有隐藏,需要在工具——文件夹选项——查看——显示所有文件夹那打勾,再应用确定)















  直至今天,还没有硬件钱包正式投产,但很快就会有:Trezor;ButterflyLabs BitSafe








备份/恢复 这个wallet.dat的文件就可以了,都是这个钱包文件!


状态: 11191 确认项
日期: 2018/4/27 16:57
到: enYiRqhePSc2oD8b4XrRR4g4NYa2dmcUB1  (随机赠送的地址)
支出: -100.00 EAC
到: eT8poNnBrw47w1eWkAeHs7fnwJqaveQDE9 (后来发现居然带了这个尾巴,区块链的币也敢偷,小偷你敢用吗?不怕追踪诅咒小偷你!)
支出: -82497.96 EAC
净额: -82597.96 EAC (键盘输入100个赠送居然变成 82597.96)
交易ID: 834b90907006ef45b5db4efc8811292f921bceaa7058696634293b103bdab6c4


最新消息2018.05.11 最新进展消息:经过技术反复分析,对比了几个电脑的钱包,已经想办法把地球币找回来了,真是一个激动人心的好消息!

EarthCoin is a java-based paper wallet

EarthCoin is a java-based paper wallet

Https:// , thanks the webmaster very much! )

just another friend find out

please test . thanks.

Welcome! Let’s print out a beautiful and secure wallet for your Earthcoin.
Here’s an overview of what will happen, step by step.


Step 1: Calibrate Printer
Before printing out a wallet you’ll need to “calibrate” your output using the zoom and horizontal shift adjustments to accommodate your particular browser / printer combination. Without proper callibration, your wallet may print out too small or with a misaligned reverse side.

Step 2: Print Front
Next we’ll print out the front side of your wallet. A public address and private key will automatically be generated, or you can supply your own key if you are using ‘vanitygen’ or some other random key generator.

Step 3: Print Back
Then you will put the same page back in your printer (but flipped over) to print out the back side of your wallet. This isn’t just for good looks: the back side design includes additional tamper-resistant safeguards.

Step 4: Cut, Fold, Seal & Fund
Find your scissors! The final step is to cut out your wallet, fold it, and seal it with opaque (light-blocking) tape. Now you’re ready to transfer bitcoins from your online holdings to your new wallet.

Old Style Paperwallet
Maybe you prefer to use the classic paper wallet or generate many addresses. Then use this.









Adjustment of EAC Transaction on AEX.COM

Dear users:

To enhance the platform’s trading experience and the liquidity of digital assets. AEX( decided:

Revoke EAC/BTC, QASH/BTC Transaction at 3:00 A.M on April 26, 2018 (GMT+0).

If your currency is in order, please revoke it in “FINANCE”.

1. After revoking the Coins at BTC MARKETS. You can still keep trading at other MARKETS.
2. How to revoke your orders?
Method: Order → Open Order → Select Markets→ Select Currency → Revoke.
3. AEX website updates may cause caching problems and update latency. Just clear the browser cache and refresh the page quickly. Clear the cache:
· Computer operation: press Ctrl+F5 and refresh several times.
· Mobile phone operation: Settings – Clear the browser cache.

Digital assets are high-risk investment instrument. Users should fully understand the risks and consequences involved in trading these crypto currencies.

AEX Team
Apr 23, 2018

now,you can trade earthcoin at this:

EarthCoin Mining Tutorial 2018.05

EarthCoin Mining Tutorial 2018.05

(If written in front, this tutorial is suitable for mineral mining. The algorithm of the Euro currency is the same as the Litecoin algorithm. Now the whole network has a calculation power of 150G/s or higher, so it is only suitable for mining, mining, computer graphics, or CPU mining speeds. Only (a few M, dozens of K/S), one earth coin can’t be dug in a day, so it is not recommended to experience, and configuring computer mining is very tedious. Basically all of 2013’s technology, the graphics card can go to zero coins. Or Ethereum, this URL to learn)

Mine pool registration address:

Home top right click on the guest drop-down menu sign up

Registration page description, please register as soon as possible, otherwise the page will prompt the password expired

The following figure shows the left navigation bar after registration is completed

Create miners
Collection address and other settings
Use computer software mining experience with port 3019

Stratum+tcp:// -u Registered account. Miner name -p miner password

For example, the registered login name is abc123, the miner name is abc, and the password is 1234.

The above should be stratum+tcp:// -u -p 1234


EarthCoin Mining Tutorial 2018.05地球币挖矿教程

please open this word ,and translate in your language to read.
Photos in the word!

EarthCoin Global volunteer Network Committee April 2018 Report

EarthCoin Global volunteer Network Committee April 2018 Report

1, main developer Sandokaaan released the release version of Earth Coin 1.5.4, an update of 2 points:
1), New wallet with graphic by Goldmansucks.2)Clean! All false positive removed.
On the 4.22th, Earth Day Earth Coin Special Edition Wallet was also released

2. Going online to vote on foreign exchanges, Please give us a lot of support and the end of voting will end!

3, EACZG.COM Earthcoin China community site landscaping upgrade steadily.

4, Sandokaaan’s Earth Coin Address: epeuqUqy8yCyTdgzcdJDgX7cLcZm8mQkUt Welcome everyone to actively sponsor and encourage him to develop and upgrade the functions of the Earth Coin.
Or go to his website to communicate the latest sponsorship advice,

5. The BTC region of the AEX Exchange has already gone offline. Please transfer to the CNC region to trade in the Euro Currency (AEX.COM).

6. Congratulations to the CEO on April 22th for the on-line exchange of coins in the earth. At present, the mood is stable. When you ask how many you can have, you can see the river flowing eastward. Where can you tell you where? Earthline CEO!

7, Korean reticulum network website program restructured on the ground floor, temporarily can not trade, patience, and so on!

8, Earthcoin international website has added Chinese, Japanese, and Hindi versions, and internationalization has become closer to the people.

9, Under the leadership of JESEN(杰森), Fei Mi(飞米) and other big brothers, they actively promoted the promotion and promotion of the local currency of countries such as Japan, India, the Philippines, Brazil, and Australia that support encrypted digital currency transactions, as well as the development of localization;

10, Welcome to the development of the promotion of the earth coin, unity is strength, development is the last word! There are coins in your hand and you don’t panic!

11. Blessings to all my friends (including holding the Earth Coin and not holding the Earth Coin) 5.1 International Labor Day happiness, 5.4 Happy Youth Day, casually bless their friends 6.1 Happy Children’s Day. Get rich early!

When is the spring season? How much is known in the past? The small building was again windy last night, and the earth was struggling toward $2.

Bitcoin price at the time of writing ¥57951.11 , Earthcoin Price ¥0.006669


1,國外主開發者Sandokaaan發布了地球幣Release 1.5.4版本,更新了2點:
1),New wallet with graphic by Goldmansucks.2)Clean! All false positive removed.

2, 球幣上線投票國外交易所, 請大家多多支持,第二轮投票月底結束!


4,主開發者Sandokaaan的地球幣地址:epeuqUqy8yCyTdgzcdJDgX7cLcZm8mQkUt 歡迎大家積極贊助,鼓勵他開發升級地球幣功能。

5, AEX交易所的BTC區域已經下線地球幣交易對,請移步到CNC區域交易地球幣(AEX.COM)。

6,祝賀CEO 4月22日開始上線地球幣交易,目前情緒穩定;問君能有幾多愁,一江春水向東流,借問酒家何處有?地球上線CEO!







發文時比特幣價格 ¥57951.11 ,地球幣價格 ¥0.006669

Ladies and gentlemen, online voting on Earthcoin needs support

Ladies and gentlemen, online voting on Earth coins needs support 

Current Competition: (Phase 2) April 2018 Number Of All Phases Winners: 25 Number Of Expected Phase Two Winners: 5 Expected Listing: May 2018 

EAC wallet Release 1.5.4 Release

New wallet with graphic by Goldmansucks.

Binary builds of EAC wallet:

Virus scan for the latest windows wallet
Clean! All false positive removed.

Sandokaaan released this 16 hours ago