EarthCoin Global Council Preparatory Group established地球币全球网络委员会筹备小组成立了

EarthCoin Global Council Preparatory Group established

The EarthCoin EAC must be analyzed from the whole Earth’s pattern.
Vigorously develop markets in Australia, Brazil, Japan, the United States, India, Singapore, Canada, Malaysia, the European Union and other countries to encourage the use of Bitcoin/Earthcoin.

Let the ECoat EAC become a universal virtual commodity of the global village, let people of the earth use earthcoin earthcoin

Welcome to the forum below Countries around the world send postings to promote ECoins EAC

Welcome everyone to speak positively. It is best to translate into the corresponding country’s language in Chinese.


Earthcoin EAC Global Volunteer (Volunteer) Development Network Committee Welcome friends who are proficient in various foreign languages!
Help each country develop their own local coinage community to promote the development of the coins!

EarthCoin Global Volunteer Foundation Welcomes Your Sponsorship|
Earth Coin Global Volunteer Foundation Welcomes Your Sponsorship

Probably thinking:

The EarthCoin Global Fund can establish the governors of 5 continents (global villages) to take charge of the development and promotion of the Euro currency in each continent. Next, we will set up the heads of all countries in the earth. Strive to promote and develop the EarthCoin in every country

The EarthCoin is a complete point-to-point (decentralized) currency. The Earth Coin does not belong to any individual or organization. Holding the Earth Coin is the owner and shareholder of the Earth Coin. Let Earth Coin EAC become the universal virtual commodity of the global village, let the people of the earth use earthcoin earthcoin, and make concerted efforts to develop the earth coin 2 dollars!

Each governor took office for a two-year assessment and made some oaths to recite it and make a video announcement!

Secretary of the Head of the Village – King – Governor – Member of the Global Foundation

地球币EAC要从全地球的格局出发 来 分析,


欢迎去下面的论坛 世界上各国去发帖子宣传地球币EAC


地球幣EAC全球志願者(义工)發展網絡委員會 欢迎精通各种外语的朋友加入!

EarthCoin Global Volunteer Foundation Welcomes Your Sponsorship|



宣誓词:地球币是完全点对点(去中心化)币种,地球币不属于任何一个人或组织,持有地球币就是地球币的主人和股东! | 让地球币EAC成为地球村通用虚拟商品,让地球人都使用上地球币earthcoin,齐心协力发展地球币上2美元!

每位州长任职2年一考核,弄点宣誓词 背诵出来 做成视频公布出来!

村长书记—国王—州长–全球基金会委员 (要求熟练中英文的志愿朋友们加入!)

秘书处联系人:诚诺&杨柳山 EMAIL:

Welcome to integrate the digital wallet integrated EarthCoins

Welcome to integrate the digital wallet integrated EarthCoins,
the wallet of the integrated EarthCoin website can be collected in this site blockchain
Thank you.

欢迎集成数字钱包集成地球币,集成地球币了的钱包网站可以收集在这个网站区块链大全里面 谢谢。

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祝福各位朋友贵公司越办越好,感谢感恩! ​​​​

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The red exhibition carpet near the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center is wholesale and sold.
Wholesale carpet (+86) 021-51078836,
Wechat/ Alipay payment 13916815578, payment and delivery, can receive RMB and earthcoin, not accept US dollars!
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微信/支付宝付款13916815578, 款到发货,可以接收人民币和地球币earthcoin,不接受美元!




Welcome to sponsor the server node of EarthCoin Africa

Welcome to sponsor the server node of EarthCoin Africa

Earthcoins, global village, earth people, EarthCoin Global (International) Volunteer Volunteer At present, the EarthCoin node is established voluntarily, and there are no rewards. Volunteers and friends have established it!
The origin of all things is the earth, and the cornerstone of the earthcoin is the node! Special thanks to the volunteer friends who have provided the coin of the Earth coin:Https://!network Welcome message thread Posting node IP

Five continents earthcoin peer node registration五大洲地球币节点收录登记

“The blockchain is a shared distributed database technology. Its advantages are mainly manifested in the three aspects of distributed decentralization, trustless systems, and non-destructive and cryptographic security.”

First, the meaning of blockchain technology
The BlockChain technology is a technology that uses a decentralized consensus mechanism to maintain a complete, distributed, non-maligable database of accounts. It allows participants in the blockchain to establish trust without having to establish a trust relationship. Under the premise of achieving a unified ledger system. Blocks are public accounts, multi-point maintenance; chains are time stamped (Timestamps) and cannot be forged. The blockchain is essentially a technology that focuses on security and credibility over efficiency.
At present, all systems have a database behind them, which is a large book. Then it becomes very important for anyone to remember this book. Whose system is now responsible for accounting, the bank’s account is the bank in mind, Alipay’s account is Ali in mind. But now in the blockchain system, everyone in the system has the opportunity to participate in billing. If there is a change in new transaction data within a certain period of time, everyone in the system can make an accounting. The system will evaluate the fastest and best person during this period, write the contents of the record to the account, and The contents of the booklet will be sent to all other people in the system for backup during this period of time. Everyone in this system has a complete book.
Therefore, these data will become very safe. The tamperer needs to modify more than half of the system node data at the same time to truly tamper with the data. The cost of this tampering is so high that it is almost impossible. For example, Bitcoin has been operating for more than seven years, and numerous hackers around the world have attempted to attack Bitcoin. However, there have been no transaction errors so far, and the Bitcoin blockchain can be considered to be a safe and reliable system. Therefore, it can be argued that blockchain technology is a way for all citizens to participate in accounting, and it will bring about innovations in accounting methods.

Second, the technical advantages of blockchain

1, distributed decentralization
Since every node and miner in the blockchain must follow the same bookkeeping transaction rules, and this rule is based on cryptographic algorithms rather than credit, and each transaction requires the approval of other users in the network, the decentralized trading system is not A set of third-party intermediary structures or trust institutions are required to endorse.
At present, regardless of whether the traditional trading system or the third-party trading system is based on the system of central books, the central book plays the role of an information custodian. Each transaction requires the third party intermediary or trust institution to endorse it. It is a centralized trading network.

2, no need to trust the system
In the blockchain network, through the self-restraint of the algorithm, the behavior of any malicious spoofing system will be rejected and suppressed by other nodes. Therefore, the blockchain system does not rely on central authority support and credit endorsement.
In the traditional credit endorsement network system, participants need to have sufficient trust in the central organization. As the number of participants in the network increases, the security of the system decreases. Contrary to the traditional situation, in a blockchain network, participants do not need to trust anyone, but as the number of participating nodes increases, the security of the system increases, and the data content can be fully disclosed.

3, can not be tampered with encryption security
The blockchain adopts a one-way hash algorithm, and each newly generated block advances strictly in time-linear order. The irreversibility of time causes any behavior that attempts to invade and alter the data information in the blockchain to be easily traced, resulting in being easily traced. The exclusion of other nodes can thus limit related illegal activities.

EarthCoin is an old currency in 2013 and it fully meets the above advantages!






Designers are welcome to submit designs for EarthCoin Wallpapers. Random rewards for the earthcoins!欢迎设计们投稿设计地球币壁纸。随机奖励地球币!

Designers are welcome to submit designs for EarthCoin Wallpapers. Random rewards for the earthcoins!

Earthcoin Wallpaper ,
welcome to design some earthcoin wallpaper to show this Category!

Must bring the earthcoin logo mark,

Depending on the wallpaper quality rewards random earthcoins.

download earthcoin logo psd :









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