EarthCoin Global Volunteer Development Network Committee

EarthCoin Global Volunteer Development Network Committee | 地球幣EAC全球志願者(义工)發展網絡委員會

The EarthCoin EAC must be analyzed from the perspective of the whole earth.
Vigorously develop markets in Australia, Brazil, Japan, the United States, India, Singapore, Canada, Malaysia, the European Union and other countries to encourage the use of Bitcoin/Earthcoin.

Let the ECoat EAC become a universal virtual commodity of the global village, so that people on Earth will use Earthcoin

Welcome to the forum below Countries around the world send postings to promote ECoins EAC

Welcome everyone to speak positively. It is best to translate into the corresponding country’s language in Chinese.


……………………IN every country  website for bitcoin ,earthcoin…Assist each country to develop their own local currency Comunity,to promote the earthcoin………….

Earthcoin EAC Global Volunteer (Volunteer) Development Network Committee Welcome friends who are proficient in various foreign languages!




欢迎去下面的论坛 世界上各国去发帖子宣传地球币EAC


地球幣EAC全球志願者(义工)發展網絡委員會 欢迎精通各种外语的朋友加入!



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