Five continents earthcoin peer node registration五大洲地球币节点收录登记

Five continents earthcoin peer node registration

Europe Thank the volunteers for their support.

Five continents refer to the five major sections of the Earth’s land, namely Asia, Europe, Africa, America, and Oceania. Geography has divided the Americas into North America and South America. Antarctica is uninhabited, so it can also be called seven continents. So there are five continents. Five rings of the Olympic rings represent the five continents. The largest of the five continents is Asia, the second largest is the Americas, the third is Africa, the fourth is Europe, and the smallest is Oceania.

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Earth Coin Global (International) Volunteer Volunteer Committee Chair: JESEN (Jason)
Launch Date: 2018.05.13 Mother’s Day
At present, the EarthCoin node is established voluntarily, and there are no rewards. Volunteers and friends have established it!

The origin of all things is the earth, and the cornerstone of the earthcoin is the node!
Special thanks to the volunteer friends who have provided the coin of the Earth coin:Https://!network
Welcome message thread Posting node IP


欧洲: 感谢义工的支持。
亚洲: 感谢义工的支持。
美洲: 感谢黄工的支持,特别鸣谢
亚洲: (印度&印度尼西亚及附近,特别鸣谢 棕栐哥)
亚洲:日本及附近,特别鸣谢 Jesen)


五大洲(Five continents)指地球陆地分成的五大版块,即亚洲(Asia)、欧洲(Europe)、非洲(Africa)、美洲(America)和大洋洲(Oceania)。地理学又将美洲分为北美洲和南美洲,南极洲无人居住,故也可称为七大洲。所以又有五大洲的说法。如奥运五环的五环分别代表五大洲。五大洲中最大的是亚洲,第二大的是美洲,第三大的是非洲,第四大的是欧洲,最小的是大洋洲。

目前 地球币 节点 是自愿建立,暂时没有报酬,义工朋友们自愿建立的!

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